Because you shouldn't have to
choose between advancing
science and revenue

Gravl was developed to meet the demands of deans, administrators, and core directors. We provide deans with a platform that grows revenue while ensuring core directors have a simple-to-use technology that enables them to be control of their scientific product and services.


See how universities are changing how they approach growth and outsourcing research services to platforms.

Commerce Guide
Grow Revenue


Advancing science is required, but commerce can't be ignored. Now there's a simple way to achieve both.

Core directors want simplicity.

Right now, external customers find and then access these resources ad-hoc using manual ordering processes. The subsequent administrative, sales and marketing burdens result in lost customers and frustrated staff.

Deans want growth.

Simplicity and innovation are important, but driving institutional growth that supports great discoveries is a must.

Bridge science + commerce

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create experiences and customizations for both scientists and admins. Take advantage of a pre-built platform that creates rich experiences for external users that convert.

Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business with features such as online booking, automated billing, and real-time status updates.

Institutions that lack a commerce platform


It's no longer enough to have a static website. A more efficient and scalable way to market research services to a wider audience will increase revenue and expand the impact of research programs. 

Move your most valuable resources in front of your institution's firewall and attract new customers and collaborators from around the world.


All the tools you need to run your core like an agile start-up

Modern Instrument Pages

Fully digitize every instrument and service configuration using your brand and design elements.

Full Control

Control every aspect from instrument specifications, pricing levels, user permissions, sample submission criteria, data deliverable and messaging with users.

Tailored User Portals

Portals for scientists, lab personnel, and administrators portals will reduce staff back office burdens.

Less Emails

A built-in messaging feature and clear step-by-step ordering and sample submission workflows will reduce e-mail burdens and customer frustrations.

White Glove

Our marketing and developer team will configure your instruments and services.

No Double Entry

Our API connections will deliver order information directly into your internal LIMS system.

The average number of instruments
and services at leading universities.

The percentage of external users
who can see their availability & can order at will.


The only platform for university wide commerce