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We believe that redefining access to state-of-the-art research tools saves more lives

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The Gravl Platform Helps Scientists
Find Answers To The Most Difficult Questions

"Scientists shouldn’t have to send emails to find the tools they need to make life-saving discoveries"

Gabor Bethlendy | Founder & CEO | GRAVL

“University leaders can now drive revenue growth without sacrificing scientific innovation"

Gabor Bethlendy | Founder & CEO | GRAVL

Our Culture (inspired by Reed Hastings, No Rules Rule)

We Live By Simple Principles

#GiveFirst - give to those within and around the company with no strings attached. 

Radical Transparency - say what you really think, with positive intent. Provide enough information for people to take ownership. 

Removing Controls - limit decision-making approvals needed to foster an “individual decision-making with input” process. Lead with context, not control.

Give More Than You Take

Let's Keep It Simple

We believe that every life ever saved starts with basic research. 

So we built a platform that allows universities to make all their cutting-edge resources accessible.

Our Team

Gabor Bethlendy
CEO, co-founder

Gabor, a 3-time founder, leads Gravl, a platform democratizing access to cutting-edge research tools. With a successful exit from Parabase Genomics, specializing in rapid next-generation sequencing, he has a proven track record of delivering impactful solutions. Gabor's expertise includes driving innovation at industry leaders Agilent and Roche, and advancing research tools like chromosomal microarrays and genome enrichment. He holds a Biochemistry degree from the University of Rochester and an MSW in Family Therapy from Syracuse University, combining scientific knowledge with a holistic approach.

Zeeshan Khan
Head of Product

As a seasoned product leader with over 20 years of experience in building and scaling software products, I thrive on tackling new challenges and solving complex problems. With a passion for startups, I excel in the early-stage through Series C to acquisition phases. I bring over 10 years of expertise in digital healthcare, having been an integral part of the ZappRx acquisition team acquired by Allscripts. Alongside my tech background, I am an avid Leica documentary photographer, capturing stories that matter. 

David Butterfield
VP of Applications

Dave brings ten years of management experience in the DNA sequencing industry to the team.  After studying Chemistry and Physics at Harvard College, he started his career building and managing labs for Eton Bioscience, a Sanger sequencing company headquartered in San Diego with branches in Boston, RTP, and New Jersey. After Eton's acquisition by Telesis Bio in 2021 he managed operations for NGX Bio a DNA sequencing marketplace based in San Francisco that was acquired by Admira Health in 2019. He is our expert in managing projects for a variety of scientific services for  both customer-facing and lab execution perspectives.  


Tim Desmet

Genomics Operations
@The Broad Institute

Clem Cazalot

All Things With Investors

CEO & Founder
@ Machinery Partner

Vincent Ponzo

Ai Expert

Amazon, Ai Education

Ex-AWS Startups

Andy Wu

Business Strategy

Assistant Professor
Harvard Business School

Sam Saltis


Founder & Executive Chairman
@ Coredna

Everything Starts With Research

Great Discoveries Require The Right Tools

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